Parkio Thor Technology


Book & Tap to access Car Parks!

Thanks to the revolutionary Parkio THOR Technology gates can easily be opened with the Parkio app. To initiate the opening process, Parkio THOR simply connects a user's smart phone with the gate via Smartphone App.

This allows not only parking space owners to rent out but car drivers to access gated and thus safe parking spaces. Check our FAQ's for more info.

  1. Select car-park
  2. Make your booking
  3. Drive up to the gate
  4. Select "Open Gate Here" (gate magically opens)
  5. Tap same button when exiting

That's all. No need to take a paper ticket or to go to the cash machine. You will receive your booking confirmation and invoice via email.

And sure if you need to extend your session you can do it from anywhere!
#savetime #savemoney